ArticleFounder Exits are Hard Work and Good Fortune, Not "Good Luck"

Founder Exits are Hard Work and Good Fortune, Not "Good Luck"

Founders don't get lucky — that's how lottery winners make their money.

From the outside, though, it often looks the same. People read about a company going public or hear about some Founder they know getting their startup acquired and think "Wow, what good luck they've had!"

They view our windfall as some stroke of luck, and as importantly they view our proceeds as something that should be doled out to everyone. In the worst case, they may even try to make us feel guilty about such great fortune — if we haven't already done that to ourselves.

It wasn't "Good Luck" it was "Good Fortune"

In order for a Founder to exit they couldn't rely on luck. Luck is what happens when we're at the blackjack table and you get dealt an ace and a king. Luck is w...

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